Forest shades are cool, walnut brown nuances picked up from the khaki and ocher color palette. Color varies from lime blond to khaki brown. These shades have a very strong connection to nature. They are beautiful and complement the timeless shades of basic brown.

These shades are for precious celebrations. The dignity of the colors is born in their calmness. The moderate naturality creates an elegant and self-confident impression. The other elements of the festive style get emphasis when the hair color is not too bright or fierce.


Main color:
AURORA 9.47 + 3%, 1:2, 20 min

Wash and care products:
BIO+ Hydra Balance Shampoo 250 ml, shampoo for dry scalp
BIO+ Hydra Balance Conditioner 200 ml

Styling products (curly look):
MUOTO Mousse Light Volumizing Mousse
MUOTO Texturizing Volume Spray

Styling products (straight hair look):
VIENO Sensitive Volumizing Mousse
VIENO Sensitive Heat Protection
VIENO Sensitive Stong Hairspray

Main color:
HOHDE Espresso Treatment, toning treatment for dark brown hair. A pigment-rich treatment refreshes and maintains the glow and shine of the hair color.

Wash and care products:
BIO+ Hydra Balance Cleansing Conditioner
BIO+ Hydra Balance Scalp Treatment

Styling products:
AINOA Repair Dry-end Seal, repairing protection for the ends



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