Nordic hair is unique: fine, glass-like, fragile and pliable. Even if hair is dense, it tends to go flat easily. Hair is especially vulnerable to UV radiation, and the fluctuating weather conditions pose additional challenges to hair care. In summer, sun, wind and sea water put a strain on fine hair. In winter, coldness, breeze, dry air, indoor heating and use of winter headgear cause dryness of scalp and static in hair.

We at CUTRIN know the special needs of this unique hair type. CUTRIN products have been developed to meet the needs of fine hair and sensitive scalp: volume and body for flat hair, relief for sensitive, flaky and dry scalp, and color protection to combat the fading effects of the sun.

Our lightweight and fine formulas combine weightless nourishment, hold, and protection against external stress factors. We enhance the health and beauty of fine hair no matter what the conditions are.



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