The use of the substance Pentasodium Pentetate in cosmetic products (new and existing) will be prohibited in the EU from 1 December 2023. The EU Commission has banned the use of the ingredient in question due to its possible adverse effects. The ban on the use of Pentasodium Pentetate applies not only to manufacturers and wholesalers, but also to the retail stage, i.e., products containing Pentasodium Pentetate may not be sold or used in services after November 30, 2023.

In cosmetics, the safety of raw materials and their ingredients is constantly being studied. Ingredients will be banned from use if in the light of new research information they are found to have potential health risks. Pentasodium Pentetate, which will now be banned on 1 December 2023, is used as a product stabilizer.

CUTRIN is currently using Pentasodium Pentetate in three products:

54943 MUOTO Gentle Waving Lotion N

54944 MUOTO Gentle Waving Lotion C

54945 MUOTO Gentle Waving Lotion S

NOTE! CUTRIN MUOTO Classic Curl perming lotions and Gentle Wave after perm do not contain Pentasodium Pentetate. We are going to reformulate CUTRIN MUOTO Gentle Wave perming lotions by the end of the year. At the same time, we are switching to a new fully recyclable perming lotion packaging.

We kindly ask our customers to be prepared for the upcoming change.



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