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To me, the key thing in hairstyling is mastering the basics. This is what I want to emphasise in my trainings. The basics form a solid foundation for applications, innovations, and various trend techniques.

You will be working with me to discuss training event organisation and practicalities of both salon and vocational school trainings. You can also see my work at hair shows and in Cutrin’s hair editorials. My knowledge of Cutrin’s product range and user manuals is another strength of mine.

In my current job, it is important to be flexible, precise, systematic, calm and pedantic.

My motto is: “Never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” – Author Og Mandino

Instagram: @jani.kinnunen.cutrin


I’m an entrepreneur and work actively as a hairdresser in addition to doing trainings. At the moment, I run my own salon in Kotka. I’ve done some hair stuff abroad, and I also go to trainings regularly. Colouring is my speciality. I love big and challenging colour changes just as much as small colour-enhancing and refreshing treatments. I also offer trainings on haircut techniques. The haircut is where good hairstyling begins. You can never overestimate its importance.

I always get extremely excited about new hair products. I’m a very hands-on type of person! My excitement definitely influences the way I recommend, test and sell products to my clients. Giving product advice to my clients is a big part of my customer service process. The best thing about the hair and beauty industry is that the industry and the trends are constantly evolving. 


Instagram: @studio22.maria


Because of my background in competing, I feel that the key things in hairdressing are quality tools, smart techniques, and the right order. I want to share the simple and proven techniques and methods that I’ve used in my work with the people who come to our trainings. Not forgetting the most important thing: colour theory. My strong suit is colouring, especially lightening and different lightening techniques.

I have switched from hairdressing to marketing. In addition to doing trainings, I work as a Content Specialist in Cutrin’s digital marketing team. When I worked as an entrepreneur, I became familiar with using social media in marketing and personal branding. I’m happy to be able to use my social media, marketing, content creation and photography skills in my current role as well. I’m developing my professional skills by studying digital marketing. So if there’s anything you want to ask about social media, I’d be happy to help!

Instagram: @bykaroliinatolvi
You can also reach me here: @cutrinpro


People’s hair and hairstyle tell how they want to portray themselves to the people around them. By looking at a person’s hair, you can tell if the person is edgy, minimalistic, colourful, bohemian or practical.

I feel that my goal as a hairdresser is to interpret, to the best of my ability, what the message my client wants to communicate through their hair is.

I’ve worked as a hairdresser and entrepreneur for 20 years now. At the moment, I’m mainly working in my own salon in Pyynikintori, Tampere. During my career, I’ve worked as a freelance hairdresser in various projects from TV productions and reality shows to photoshoots and shows. I’ve also worked as a hair instructor for over ten years. It has been great to see the hair industry from so many different angles.

Instagram: @hair_jesselahtinen


I’m Maria! I run two salons in central Helsinki and work as a hairdresser in one of them. I live and breathe everything hair.

I love to explain to people what potatoes and knives have to do with working as a hairdresser. Just ask me when you see me!

I’m a really positive person, and some people have called me a customer service superwoman. What I value the most is being authentic and accepting and understanding people’s differences.

My strong suit and my favourite things to do in this job are definitely major colour changes, colouring, highlighting and haircuts. I like to challenge myself at work.

Instagram: @maria.kampaa


I specialise in hair lightening and the whole lightening process.

I work not only as a hair instructor but also as a hairdresser, so I feel that salon-friendly techniques are really important. When you understand the different lightening techniques, it makes work easier and faster.

As a specialised hairdresser, I find personal branding and social media especially important. A good and engaging customer service experience starts with social media and ends with hair care product advice in the salon. The most important thing is a good and thorough client consultation.

The wonderful thing about doing hair is having artistic freedom and making my clients’ hair dreams come true. It’s great to have a job where it’s wonderful to work and succeed. The sky’s the limit!

“You can’t help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself.” – Norman S.

Instagram: @dimehairbymilla
TikTok: @millainki


The cornerstones of my work are trendy, high-quality hair colours and haircuts that emphasise my clients’ style. I constantly follow fashion and trends and improve myself and my skills to stay up to date on current trends. To me, the key thing in day-to-day work is to emphasise each client’s best features and make them shine.

In addition to doing trainings, I work as a full-time entrepreneur in Studio Kalon in central Turku. My strong points are different colouring and highlighting techniques. My hands are also good at doing major colour changes and colour corrections. My ideology is that when the haircut and colour are planned and executed well, it will be easier for the client to take care of their hair at home.

Instagram: @hairbylarih


I’ve always loved beautiful things and highlighting them. As a makeup artist, I get to bring out and emphasise the beauty in everyone, whether I’m doing a trendy editorial look or a very natural look. I feel that people’s unique features give me a huge amount of inspiration.

I work in my own beauty salon where I do makeup and give skin care advice to my clients. A good base and a proper skin care routine make the makeup look even more gorgeous.

Instagram: @meliinasavela


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