Healing powers
Long hair
Nature connection

This mythical trend takes us back to our roots and strives for a holistic connection with nature. It combines dramatic, romantic, natural and mystical features in a fascinating new way. To counteract our hectic technology-driven everyday lives, we are looking for the purpose of existence from nature, the spirituality of our ancestors and the wisdom of ancient people.

The woman embracing this trend has an alluring enigmatic air about her. She evokes strength and femininity, fragility and mystery. Choosing natural materials and ingredients in beauty care and clothing is an important part of the sustainable lifestyle attached to this trend.

Forest colors
Animal fur colors
Moss green
Dark brown

Hair can grow as long as possible. The fringe and the sides feature loose curls or soft waives. The lengths and the ends can hang straight creating an interesting contrast between the different structures. Hair shades are nature-inspired and harmonious. Monochrome is trendy, but carefully executed color changes close to the face provide light and shade and make for an interesting look.



Lightening of side sections:
CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia Free Bleaching Powder + 3 %, 50 min.

Mineral remove wash for lengths:
CUTRIN AINOA Mineral Remove Shampoo, 20 min.

Color of roots:
CUTRIN AURORA Demi Permanent Hair Color 0.03 + 1,5 %, 20 min.



Pre-lightening of the front: (approx. 2 cm of the roots):
CUTRIN AURORA Ammonia Free Bleaching Powder + 1,5 %, 50 min.

Color of front:
CUTRIN AURORA Demi Permanent Hair Color 6.74 + 3 %, 20 min.

Color of back:
CUTRIN AURORA Permanent Hair Color 4.00 + 3 %, 20 min.



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