Only the hardiest berries and plants thrive in the harsh conditions of the North. Our unique nature provides clean ingredients that are not found anywhere else in the world. During the short but intense growing season, plants absorb large amounts of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients that protect and care for hair by nature.

CUTRIN is a pioneer in using natural raw ingredients that grow in the North. In our products, we use Nordic raw materials collected in sustainable ways; many of our raw ingredients are by-products of food and wood industries. Many of the berry oils and extracts used in our products, for instance, are obtained from the surplus press cakes produced by the food industry. It gives us a significant boost in sustainable development, as berries do not have to be picked solely for the needs of the cosmetics industry. By using by-products, we also promote local partnerships and reduce waste.



Known for its deep red colour, cranberries grow in wetlands and along forest lakes. Cranberries ripen in late autumn, and they can also be picked in the spring since frost does not kill the berries. Cranberry seed oil contains essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, carotenoids and plant sterols. Cranberry contains tocotrienol, a rare vitamin E derivative, whose antioxidant properties are up to 40–60 times more effective than those of alpha-tocopherol, the basic form of vitamin E.

CUTRIN uses cranberry seed oil produced as a by-product by the food industry, which nourishes and protects the hair and scalp against external stressors. Cranberry seed oil is used as an active ingredient in several different product lines: the AINOA Color products, AURORA Color Care products and AURORA permanent hair dyes.



Cloudberry is a berry that flourishes in the harsh conditions of the North. The unique cycle of light in the North makes the berry very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Cloudberry seeds are rich in omega fatty acids. The cosmetics industry uses cloudberries in various ways; CUTRIN uses cloudberry seed extract in seasonal products.



Crowberries have been used for centuries in Northern Finland. The harvest season for crowberry is long, extending from July until the snow arrives, and it can even be picked in the next spring. CUTRIN uses crowberry extract in the AINOA Deep Clean and Mineral Remove shampoos. Rich in protective antioxidants, crowberry refreshes the scalp. The extract is sourced from crowberries picked in the Arctic Region.



Finland has a long history of using lingonberry, one of the most common berries that grow in forests in Finland. Packed with nourishing and protective properties, lingonberry seed oil is used in CUTRIN’s seasonal products.



Blueberries have been used for centuries as a folk remedy and they are a staple in Finnish cuisine. Blueberry is rich in essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids), as well as protective antioxidants, such as tocopherols, and anthocyanins, which give the berries their dark color. CUTRIN uses blueberry seed oil produced as a by-product by the food industry in the HOHDE and AINOA Moisture products.

Hare's tail cottongrass


Hare’s tail cottongrass grows in cool conditions in wetlands and peat bogs. It has adapted to tolerate extreme and harsh weather conditions. Hare’s tail cottongrass extract helps protect the scalp while gently soothing and moisturising it. Hare’s tail cottongrass is rich in protective polyphenols, moisturising sugars and nutritious minerals. Hare’s tail cottongrass extract is used as an active ingredient in the CUTRIN VIENO shampoos and care products.

Spring water


Our Arctic spring water comes from the Finnish Lapland, where it has gone through a natural purification process, in which the water is filtered through layers of sand and gravel formed after the ice age. Our spring water is lovely and soft and caresses the hair and scalp. Spring water is used in the CUTRIN VIENO shampoos and care products.



Birch sap is an original natural product, or a liquid nutrient solution that travels from the roots to the top of birch trees in the spring. Birch sap is a water of life known for its health benefits. It is used both externally and internally to support the well-being of the entire body. It contains nutrients such as sugars, fruit acids and plenty of different minerals. Birch sap is used in the CUTRIN AINOA Volume products and the MUOTO products.

Leaves of birch trees are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, a precursor to vitamin A, vitamins B2 and B3 and essential oils. Xylitol, or birch sugar, is an effective moisturising agent for hair and scalp. Birch leaf extract and birch sugar are used in the CUTRIN MUOTO products.

Pine Bark Extract


Produced as a by-product of the forest industry, our Nordic pine bark extract is processed with respect for nature. Pine is one of the most common trees that grow in the natural forests of Finland. Its bark contains natural antioxidants that protect the hair against environmental stressors. CUTRIN uses pine bark extract as the active ingredient in the BIO+ Anti-Dandruff and BIO+ Energy Boost products.

Spruce branch extract


Finnish spruce branch extract is rich in natural antioxidants that protect the hair. The branch extract is obtained in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way as a by-product of the wood processing industry. CUTRIN uses spruce branch extract as an active ingredient in the BIO+ Re-Balance and Detox products.

Chaga mushroom


Chaga mushroom is usually used as an extract in the cosmetics industry. It is rich in antioxidants, betulin, minerals as well as sugar derivatives. It protects, moisturises and strengthens the hair and scalp. CUTRIN uses chaga mushroom as an active ingredient in the BIO+ Re-Balance and Detox products.



Furcellaria lumbricalis (sodium carrageenan) is a reddish-brown species of algae commonly found in the cold waters of Scandinavia. It thrives on submerged rocks in shallow water. This species, which has long been used in the food industry, is also used in cosmetics due to its unique moisture-binding properties.

Produced from Nordic algae using biotechnology and enriched with sea salt, the algae concentrate binds moisture like hyaluronic acid and helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance. Studies have shown that as a moisturiser, algae are even more effective than hyaluronic acid. CUTRIN uses Nordic algae extract in seasonal products.

Nettle extract


Finnish nettle extract helps freshen and clean hair and scalp and protects hair from external stressors. Nettle also has a detoxifying effect. CUTRIN uses nettle extract in seasonal products.

Finnish hemp seed oil


Finnish hemp seed oil is rich in a balanced ratio of unsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain the scalp’s natural protective barrier. In addition, hemp seed oil is rich in natural vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stressors and promotes the skin’s moisture retention capacity. Hemp oil moisturises and revitalises dry and treated hair and makes hair shine.

Oat oil


Finnish oat oil is produced as a by-product of the food industry. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, it is a natural source of vitamin E, which supports the skin’s natural protective barrier. Oat oil soothes the skin and scalp and strengthens hair. Naturally gluten free, oat oil is suitable for sensitive and dry scalp. CUTRIN uses this active ingredient packed with scalp soothing properties in the BIO+ Hydra Balance and BIO+ Strengthening products.

Juniper sprout extract


Finnish juniper sprout extract contains essential oils, waxes and resin. It supports the scalp soothing properties of other active ingredients. Juniper sprout extract has a pleasant and fresh aroma. Juniper sprout extract is used as the active ingredient in the CUTRIN BIO+ Detox Scalp treatment. CUTRIN has obtained a patent for the use of the active ingredient.

Finnish juniper berry extract is obtained through glycerol-water extraction. It contains essential oils, tannins, sugars and vitamin C. Juniper berry extract refreshes both the hair and scalp. It is used as an active ingredient in the CUTRIN BIO+ Original Active Anti-Dandruff and Special Anti-Dandruff shampoos.



CUTRIN uses raspberry wax as the active ingredient in the AURORA ammonia-free hair dyes. It provides shine and helps protect the hair – hair is easy to manage and remains in good condition during the color application process.

Sea buckthorn


Sea buckthorn berries are one the most nutritious berries in the world. In Finland, it grows wild on the coast, but it is also cultivated now. The benefits of sea buckthorn for nutrition and skincare have been known for centuries. Sea buckthorn berries contain essential omega fatty acids, vitamin C and protective antioxidants as well as several minerals and micronutrients. Produced as a by-product of the food industry, CUTRIN uses sea buckthorn seed oil which nourishes the hair and makes it soft and smooth. It also protects the hair against external stressors. Sea buckthorn seed oil is used as an active ingredient in the AINOA Repair products. The active ingredient of the Ainoa Color Vinegar spray is sea buckthorn vinegar extract, which makes hair easier to comb and manage.


Enriched with abundant antioxidants, as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. Helps protect and moisturize hair, leaving it feeling soft. CUTRIN uses rose root extract  in seasonal products.



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