At CUTRIN, we are proud of our Finnish origin and our Nordic roots. Our product development is inspired by our clean nature and the unique powers of the natural raw ingredients provided it provides. Our philosophy is to develop safe products that harness the power of raw ingredients growing in the North, taking into account the principles of sustainable development.


We want to offer our customers high-quality products without compromising our values. Our products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the ISO 9001 quality management system standard. We keep a close eye on the latest advances in the research in the industry and comply with EU legislation. Each CUTRIN product is subject to a safety assessment required by legislation. This guarantees that the products are safe to use and do not pose a risk to the user’s health under normal conditions.

In the safety assessment, all raw materials we use are processed separately and the safety of the product as a whole is evaluated. Exposure to both the product and individual raw materials is examined in detail, taking into account the toxicological profile of the raw materials, the concentration to be used in the product and the safety limits. The safety of all CUTRIN products is confirmed by a qualified external safety assessor.


CUTRIN is a pioneer in using natural raw ingredients that grow in the North, where only the hardiest berries and plants can thrive. Our unique nature provides clean ingredients that are not found anywhere else in the world. During the short but intense growing season, plants absorb large amounts of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients that protect and care for hair by nature.

In our products, we use Nordic raw materials collected in sustainable ways; many of our raw ingredients are by-products of food and wood industries. Many of the berry oils and extracts used in our products, for instance, are obtained from the surplus press cakes produced by the food industry. It gives us a significant boost in sustainable development, as berries do not have to be picked solely for the needs of the cosmetics industry. By using by-products, we also promote local partnerships and reduce waste.

We are constantly striving to increase both the amount and diversity of the local Nordic ingredients we use in our products. On average, about 90% of the ingredients in CUTRIN’s shampoos, conditioners and treatment products are of natural origin.


We pay as much attention to the ingredients that we use as to the ingredients we don’t use. To ensure the safety of our customers, we keep a close eye on the scientific research of the raw materials. CUTRIN has proactively removed potentially dangerous ingredients from its products, such as cyclic silicones.

CUTRIN does not test its products or raw materials on animals, and we do not conduct animal tests at any stage of the product development process. As a European and Finnish company, CUTRIN complies with the EU Cosmetics Regulation, which prohibits animal testing. Almost all of our hair care and styling products are vegan and in the near future, our goal is that all of our retail products are 100% vegan.

CUTRIN offers several fragrance-free products developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The CUTRIN Oyster Sensitive products were the first hair care products to be granted the right to use the Allergy and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label in 2002. The cooperation is still ongoing, and there are now more than 10 products in the current CUTRIN VIENO product range.


When it comes to packaging materials, we are constantly working in several areas to reduce their impact on the environment. Our goal is to improve the recyclability of our packaging materials and to provide recycling information for both hair industry professionals and consumers. Another one of our goals is to reduce the amount of different packaging materials, or to replace them with more sustainable alternatives.

In Finland, CUTRIN implements the principles of producer responsibility by working with the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd. The annual membership fee paid by CUTRIN Oy to RINKI Ltd is used to cover the costs of recycling. RINKI uses the membership fees to organise the recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, metal and plastic all across Finland.


This is also our home. The high-quality CUTRIN hair care products are designed, developed and tested in Finland. Our roots in the pharmaceutical industry are reflected in our product safety integrity. We respect the Nordic environment we call our home and where we source our raw ingredients from, and this is reflected in the way we operate. We have calculated the carbon dioxide emissions of our operations (scope 1, 2 and 3) and our goal is to reduce the emissions in cooperation with our partners to mitigate climate change. We want the environmental impact of each new launch to be smaller compared to the one before that.

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