The autumn-winter season of 2022/2023 continues to be dominated by shades that are already popular – light shades – but also red and brown tones. However, the intensity and nuances of the shades are changing.

A good example of the change is copper shades. Our customers have gradually accepted soft golden and light copper shades, such as apricot, among warm golden blonde shades. The same is happening with copper shades.

Natural soft copper shades have been joined by intense and rich orange and red shades. Copper and red shades will become even darker and more intense during the autumn and winter season. In other words, familiar hair colors are not going anywhere; they are just more varied now.

The season’s main theme is positive energy, which is reflected in the shades we see. Colors are used everywhere – in home décor, clothing and makeup. Positivity and energy also inspire hair color trends.

Customers are looking for low-maintenance hair colors which blend beautifully with their natural roots and complexion. Colors that mimic naturally reddish hair are preferred, but brighter shades of warm copper and red are also more popular than before.

Global fashion collections illustrate the nature of color by also referring to the beauty of local nature and the surrounding energy. Look no further than local traditions, clothing, dishes, decorations and paintings for colors that dominate this season. This is also how CUTRIN’s colors of the season are communicated.



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