At the heart of this trend is the well-being of the body and skin. Since the days of the pandemic spent in isolation, the importance of using all the senses – in particular touch – has increased. Peace of mind is a holistic state of mental and physical well-being that we want to achieve in the midst of our uncertain and restless everyday life. A quiet harmony hides within itself the power of delicate touches and hugs that keep us safe in the ups and downs of life. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the importance of touch.

To find a safe place and enough time to rest and relax is an intangible luxury. Consumers are making choices to achieve this peace of mind. By protecting nature we protect ourselves and all future generations.


Taking care of your hair is part of your well-being. Personalised service and hair care rituals guarantee beautiful color and shine. Keeping your hair as natural as possible requires high-quality products that do not cause major changes in the structure of the hair. Beautiful long and shiny hair requires regular hair care rituals that protect, nourish, soothe, and pamper all of our senses.

Hypersensorialism, sensual therapy, human touch, healing, nourishment, tactile sensitivity, intellectual introversion, skin contact, nature conservation.



Millennials, Gen X, baby boomers,
go-getters, Happy Holistics, Ethicalists


Motherly, gentle, caring, whispering


Soothing shades: red, orange, coral and amber


For hair colors, glowing shades of red and orange are preferred – think of the shades of red at sunrise and sunset. Soothing amber-colored blonde and brunette shades and, in dark hair, warm golden and coppery shine and glow are preferred. Shades that mimic dawn, midnight, dusk and midnight rays.



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