Ode to nature

The colors of the season are an ode to the nature. They are calming and quiet, but still carry a strong personality.

A light blond hair takes on color combinations of strawberry and honey. This soft blond color encompasses both golden honey and light pink shades. The shade does justice to most skin tones.

Fashionable brunettes reach out for shades of milk chocolate. Brown colors include also cooler and darker mineral shades. The black of the season is anthracite with a touch of warmth.

Red shades are moving back to natural  auburn zone. The most trendy red shade is somewhere between light and red color families, so it may easily be adjusted to several skin tones.

Healing power of colors

The season’s hair colors originate in nature’s color brilliance of soft and broken colors. The color palette is inspired by extracted active ingredients of minerals, roots, vegetables, berries and fruits in the nature.

As coloring of the nature gives the hairdressers endless inspiration for hair coloring and  color composing, also the modern technology has been able to discover and turn the active ingredients of the nature into substances that care and protect the hair and scalp.

Differences in darkness levels and color shades glide into and overlap each other, just as the shades in a Nordic forest. This makes them intriguing  and easily accessible.  These shades restore the naturalness and shine of healthy hair. Above all, they are easy to use for the customers.












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