Nordic nature with Nordic character.

Natural active ingredients combined with Finnish sisu and the integrity of our product development.

This is how a reliable and true-to-tone color range is created, suitable even for the finest hair and most sensitive scalp.


CUTRIN AURORA is a range of gentle hair colors developed for even the finest hair and sensitive scalp, offering modern and versatile tools for various coloring needs.

With over 150 shades, the range offers on-trend shades and plenty of options for achieving the perfect shade of blond with bleaches, colors and toners. The product range also includes grey coverage products, various nuanced browns and gorgeous reds. Whether you’re coloring grey, virgin, permed, previously colored, bleached, or highlighted hair, you will always find the right products for achieving the most beautiful results.

The innovative Cutrin Color Radiance™ technology, emulsion formula and natural active ingredients help prevent hair damage during coloring. Hair remains healthy and easy to manage throughout the coloring process. AURORA guarantees an intense and even, yet vivid and natural result


Thanks to COLOR RADIANCE™ technology, the natural active ingredients mix evenly with the developer, enabling the color molecules to penetrate the hair effortlessly.

The optimal emulsion formula protects the colorants, allowing the color to develop only after it is inside the hair. The color molecules are locked into the hair, so the hair color will stay intense even after several washes.

CUTRIN AURORA hair colors contain nourishing natural active ingredients, such as plant oils. They help to repair hair and protect it against damage. Hair remains healthy and easy to manage throughout the coloring process. Thanks to CUTRIN COLOR RADIANCE™ technology, hair feels smooth and looks shiny and healthy after coloring.


CUTRIN is a pioneer in using natural raw ingredients that grow in the North. Only the berries and plants with the greatest vitality can thrive in these harsh conditions. Our unique nature provides clean ingredients that are not found anywhere else in the world. During the short but intense growth period, Nordic plants are packed with nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients which are naturally the right kind to protect and care for hair as well.

In our products, we use Nordic active ingredients collected in sustainable ways; many of our active ingredients are by-products of food and wood industries. For instance, many of the berry oils and extracts used in our products are obtained from food industry surplus.

The natural active ingredients in CUTRIN’s permanent hair colors include cranberry seed oil, while the demi-permanent colors contain raspberry wax and cloudberry seed extract. The active ingredients protect the hair and scalp, ensuring that the products are suitable for even the finest hair and the most sensitive scalp.


- Ammonia-free
- For toning and coloring hair to the same
darkness level or darker
- Wide range of toners for lightened hair
- For covering grey hair (grey coverage approx. 70%)
- Ideal for coloring previously colored hair, lightened hair and virgin hair, for glossing and after permanent styling treatments
- Gentle and caring formula
- Brightening SUN demi-permanent colors


- For big color changes, intense results and intense toning
- For creating perfect blonds, intensive reds and natural browns
- Intensive shades for 100% grey coverage: .00 shades and G shades


CUTRIN is now even closer to you. The new online store is open 24/7, and our staff is at your service on multiple channels, from our helpline to social media channels. Our new hairdresser-developer community brings us close to your everyday life. Our brand and product range development is based on the feedback and wonderful ideas we get from hairdressers.

Our products are developed and tested in Finland, and they are powered by active ingredients found in Nordic nature. After specializing in Nordic hair needs for more than 50 years, we are the best expert in Nordic hair in the industry: from our selection, you will find responsible products for treating and caring for Nordic hair. Our product lines carry the Key Flag Symbol and the Design from Finland symbol as signs of their Finnish origin.

As a local expert, we offer everything a thriving business needs: the latest innovations, global trend-driven consumer trends and fashion techniques that meet your customers’ needs, tailored trainings, good profit margins and business support. We offer fast, flexible and personalized service. We are available when you need us. Our expert representatives serve you on multiple channels, and our training team will help you develop professionally. We can boost your marketing with interesting consumer campaigns and our comprehensive material bank.

We are also close to you— our head office, studio, factory and R&D team are based in Kauklahti, Espoo, just one phone call away from you.

Take your first step with Cutrin.


Take the first step and your journey to becoming a CUTRIN AURORA professional has begun. To help you get started with AURORA colors, we offer you our unique All Inclusive hair color training program. CUTRIN PRO trainings are designed for the fast and comprehensive adoption of CUTRINcolors.

Training will get you started on versatile and creative techniques. You will become more confident in your use of colors and learn to trust your skills and tools even in the most demanding coloring situations. Our training package includes plenty of color mixing recipes and salon-friendly coloring techniques.

To take advantage of the trainings, you can attend one five-day training or five one-day trainings during the year. The training days have their own specific training programs. You do not have to go through them in a specific order, but once you have attended all five training days, you have acquired a solid understanding of CUTRIN AURORA hair color products

Ask about the CUTRIN PRO training program from your sales representative or call our customer service at 0800 122 211.



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